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  • True Lies

    True Lies


    definitely jim’s weakest if only on account of its structural clumsiness and pretty blatant racism and sexism, which is really off-putting at first considering his strong penchant for tight plotting, sensitive characters, and leftist politics in his other work. that being said, this really has some of the nuttiest, cleanest, and most hilariously satisfying action in all of american cinema, and i can best describe the whole thing as jim’s attempt at woo, verhoeven, de palma, and of course himself all at once, which, let’s be real, is theoretically the greatest movie ever made.

  • Agneepath



    some oddly lensed closeups and reverse shots aside (they can look weirdly slanted, and its a little more distracting than disorienting), this is pretty marvelously shot early 90s masala fare, with a gorgeous teal-and-beige palette, wide-angle frames choked in fog and haze, and tangibly brutal violence. as it went on amitabh’s iconically gravelly performance, one of his last turns as the angry young man, registered less as enjoyable cheese than a very convincing endpoint of pent-up trauma, with perpetually sullen,…

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  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night

    tfw ur tryna make a post apocalyptic atmospheric horror tension filled chamber piece and u dish out shitty dream sequences, no interesting ways of examining the space of ur location besides a couple of decent corridor shots that u end up milking the shit out of, impressively ineffectual character development, an unbelievably overbearing and out-of-place score, zero tension between the characters until the last ten minutes (and blow it all within three), and take the idea of "the less you know the scarier" so fucking far that there's very little reason to be interested in the world that it inhabits in the first place.

  • Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire


    didn’t actually rewatch this bc tbh id rather die than do that but im gonna use this as a platform for some Serious Thoughts anyway that go way beyond just this particular movie... ill totally come clean here i think a half star review of slumdog millionaire is gonna catch more ppl’s eyes than not lol

    i really want ppl to read this bc again ill be honest here: im a person of color with some shit to say and…