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  • Serpico



    Serpico is another film I had a vague memory of watching years ago. Then my son says, “ This looks good, let's watch it”. Turns out I have no actual memory of seeing it. I thought it would be much more about police work and his undercover exploits. When in actuality it's almost exclusively about his trying to expose the rampant graft within the police department. The price he paid for being an “honest cop” was discouraging. Clearly Serpico, and…

  • Us



    I went into “Us” with no actual knowledge of what to expect. Pretty unusual, as I normally do a little research on IMDB/Letterboxd. Anyway, it starts out right away with lots of tension. A young family is at an amusement park near the ocean. The little girl wanders off and stumbles across quite a revelation. The remaining nearly 2 hours is about this young girl as she grows up and has a family of her own. With multiple flashbacks throughout…

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  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    This film moved me more than anything in recent memory. The scenes with Randy and his daughter were heartbreaking. It was absolutely painful to see a man, who was at one time very powerful, reduced to just a shell. Of course, all of us will face the reckoning that Randy did. And ours won't be so well documented. This story truly gives insight into what really matters. All fame, power, and health will be taken from each and every one…

  • The Boondock Saints

    The Boondock Saints


    Obscene, Repugnant, Vile.