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  • War and Peace

    War and Peace


    A very perfunctory rendition of War & Peace. The first hour was so disjointed that I could barely understand what was going on & I've read the book twice and watched the 2016 movie version recently! But things settled down when Napoleon arrived and it moved along reasonably well after that. It's an impossible challenge to film this story in 3 hours. The outside battle scenes are some of the high points. Clearly one of the most miscast actors of all time…

  • Free State of Jones

    Free State of Jones


    Good historical story that I had never heard of. I think it would have played better as a mins-series. Just had too much material to pack into its runtime. The first part during the war was great.  Tended to run out of gas once peacetime arrived.  Still a great effort and a powerful message.

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  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    This film moved me more than anything in recent memory. The scenes with Randy and his daughter were heartbreaking. It was absolutely painful to see a man, who was at one time very powerful, reduced to just a shell. Of course, all of us will face the reckoning that Randy did. And ours won't be so well documented. This story truly gives insight into what really matters. All fame, power, and health will be taken from each and every one…

  • RoboCop



    Watched this years ago on VHS. I remember it being really cheesy acting, and over the top violence. And I was right! Actually it is much better than I remember. Very few 80’s action movies hold up as well.
    Robocop has “Heart”. And the cops cruise around in the coolest Ford Taurus cars around!

    If only ED-209 wasn’t such a F/U. :)

    Highly recommended, with friends, lots of popcorn, and ice cold Budweisers. :)