Dune ★★★★½

Went to see this litterally on the first time slot it was available lol.

And well it's the first half of Dune version Denis Villeneuve, as expected. Beautiful cinematography (if a little gray at times) and great editing are on par for the course. Rebecca Ferguson stands out among a stacked cast. The music is one of Zimmer's best in quite some time.

The film makes a couple changes compared to the novel, especially at the beginning, but honestly they were unavoidable, as some scenes (the first time we see Harkonnen for instance) are absolutely unadaptable. The pacing is quicker than Blade Runner 2049, honestly those 2.5 hours flew by. Hopefully it helps draw more people in, I want my part 2.

Because yeah this is clearly Part 1, and compared to Lord of the Rings, it feels impossible to cut at a moment where you can make it self-contained. It means a lot of the themes of the book (the deconstruction of the white savior narrative, the environemental theme and so on) have only started here and have no real "satisfying" conclusion yet.

In short, another really good Villeneuve film that has a really good chance of becoming the epic sci-fi masterpiece its deserves to be once Paul's arc is complete.

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