Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

Still shocked that is a Hollywood film distributed by a major film studio.

Because it's absolutely radical in its criticism of the system. The police and the feds are literally a mob protecting it, disregarding the laws they're supposed to care about, killing people they feel threatened by. Violence from revolutionary or radical groups happen, obviously, but it's rooted in systemic oppression.

And as the titular "messiah", Daniel Kaluuya is absolutely incredible in this. Insanely charismatic. It's not hard to believe how he could motivate the masses, unite people from different backgrounds and as such be considered a threat to the FBI. THAT speech in the church - which is one of the multiple examples that reinforces the "Black Messiah" ordeal- was so good, I got chills.

And Shaka King's camerawork is great, and I loved the script. A bit Manichean at times, with Hampton being in the light - both literally and figuratively - and O'Neal often in the dark. But the construction and the crescendo of the film are great.

In short, a great, politically engaged drama and a promising start from Shaka King.

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