The Card Counter

The Card Counter ★★★½

Another pretty good film from Schrader !

His weakest effort out of those I've seen, but I can still watch an underwhelming Paul Schrader flick anytime a day. Felt a lot like a more stylized Bresson film - with more emotions displayed on screen obviously lol.

It's a film about a man stuck in purgatory, stuck with Sisyphus' boulder and trying to expiate his sins with someone else. Oscar Isaac is really good at playing this broken character, as he is here both his usual charismatic self and someone emptied by fate.

I also enjoyed the mood of the film installed by the still shots, the zooms and the (good) soundtrack. The film is not flawless tho. The second act feels a bit flat and once you've understood what Schrader's goal is you're just waiting for certain plot points and themes to happen - which they did.

In short, a good film that retreads some past themes, but has an excellent main performance and a cool atmosphere.

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