Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service ★★★½

Just a really fun movie to watch. It feels like an amalgamation of Mission: Impossible and a "film where the main character has to prove himself."
The action is absolutely phenomenal. I love how they shot the scenes which gives a good feeling of freeflow and smoothness. In addition, i also really liked the plot, though I feel it got a bit predictable at times, but only a little. The villain is fun. He's wack, but fun.
Eggsy is also a great character. Him and Harry are by far the best characters in the movie. Speaking of which, I really wanna see Taron Egerton in more stuff.
This is one of my favorite movies, but i surprisingly dont have much to say about it, probably because i havent seen it in a while. I'd say this movie deserves a rewatch, and maybe i'll edit the review in the future.