Ready Player One ★★★★½

My most anticipated movie of 2018, and I’m absolutely happy to report that it met my expectations. While Ready Player One probably won’t make my 2018 list at the end of the year, I can say that it’s easily the most fun I’ve had at a theater this year since Black Panther. I was slightly worried going into it, considering the negative reception the book had been receiving and the generally “meh” reaction to the trailers, but I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had with this movie. Hell, I’d go as far as to say that this is Spielberg’s best film since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

As to be expected, the film is visually impressive and nearly seamless with its CG.  The world of the Oasis is incredibly well-realized, and chock full of references and homages galore.  The best thing I can say about them is that thankfully, they’re never thrust into the background or thrown into the plot with no meaning like a Super Smash Bros fanfiction, they actually have some relevance to the plot.  Some of the more notable ones in my opinion without spoiling are Back to the Future, Adventure, Street Fighter, Star Wars, Terminator, and much much more.  As somebody who plays a lot of video games myself, it was such a delight seeing these beloved characters and icons portrayed in an actually awesome film.  The cast is incredibly endearing, and while the characters not too notable or memorable, the romance and comedy between them were handled well, and I could get behind them.  The villain shouldn’t go unnoticed either.  As for issues I had, the real-life stuff wasn’t all that interesting, and it should’ve been cut down to 120 minutes. If this kind of movie doesn’t interest you, then you won’t be swayed any time soon, but for those that are willing to enjoy a movie regardless of the source material, you’ll enjoy this.  Ready Player One is an engrossing, charming and endlessly entertaining blockbuster that I can’t wait to see again.  Maybe it’s just the nerd inside me talking, but I’ll let him keep doing so.  I just had a blast.


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