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  • Annihilation



    I read the book last month in anticipation of this movie. Boy, was that wasted time (I'm kidding, I liked the book a lot). What I meant was that this is drastically different from its source material, and I am not too anal about these things so I enjoyed it a lot. Well, what is not to enjoy, given the terrific end result.

    A lot of backstory and context is added to the bare bones plot and characters of the…

  • Roman J. Israel, Esq.

    Roman J. Israel, Esq.


    When is Denzel not good in a movie?


    Just for the record: to follow up a debut that was of the calibre of Nightcrawler was gonna be impossible anyway. This can be called a sophomore slump, but I am not demoralised in Gilroy's talent. I like his bent on modern social dramas and I would like him to continue with such stories.

    Sure, this is heavy handed and on the nose, with a very interesting premise. The moral decline…

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  • The Square

    The Square


    Proves my theory that modern art is shit.

  • The Tailor of Panama

    The Tailor of Panama


    I am a le Carré boy through and through and this had a darkly comic beeline through it, still maintaining the complex conflicted reality of murky morality of espionage.

    I enjoyed this a lot, despite it being a lesser le Carré (I am really intrigued to read the book now) partly due to the intriguing setup and story, the Panama setting and partly due to terrific performances of Pierce Brosnan and Geoffrey Rush.

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  • Kill Your Darlings

    Kill Your Darlings


    Dane DeHaan. This kid has a bright future, if he keeps making good choices. I didn't think anything could make me want to see The Amazing Spider Man 2, but now I am looking forward to it due to DeHaan's presence.

    Anywho, he is not the only star of the movie. A rendition of the origins of Beat Era, this has a who's who of literary names: Allen Ginsberg (who takes the centre stage here with a tremendous performance from…

  • Philomena



    I am gonna be honest. I didn't have high expectations from this movie. I thought this would be a weepy, sentimental and sappy drama, with a couple of strong performances. Not my cup of tea. Instead, it turned out to be a thoughtful, emotional, if somewhat a little weepy, but highly touchy dramedy, with two performances that definitely elevate this based on facts story. Judi Dench is really, really good. And Steve Coogan is having the best year of his…