2046 ★★★★

Wong Kar-wai has never been one to delve in traditional narratives and storytelling, but his movies have such an ethereal quality to them. They are an experience, sensory and psychological.

This is a direct sequel to In the Mood for Love and exponentially expands the thematic elements from that. The transient nature of happiness, the ephemeral quality of love, loneliness, these are some of the things discussed through the lens of Kar-wai. Add to that the terrific cast that he gathers, and the absolutely beautiful cinematography and soundtrack, and it is a recipe for success.

In this one, characters come and go in the life of Mr. Chow as he thinks about the love he lost, and tries his best not to forge any emotional connections. It's a tried and tested trope, but Kar-wai paints it in a very humane light. Are there happy endings in love? In life? Is it possible to forget true love? Is there such a thing as that?

All memories are traces of tears.

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