Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ★★★½

Part 2 of 5

A very worthy sequel to the great first part. It is darker than the first one, and expands a lot on the mythos and lore of the world. It worked for me. I did not find this one convoluted at all story-wise (that would come with the third part - more on that later).

It executes the principle that all sequels follow: repeat the first one, but bigger. However, I would take umbrage with the "repeat the first one" part, because this really explores a lot of different aspects that the first one only touched on. The villains are terrific (both Tom Hollander and Bill Nighy, especially Nighy who is relishing in the villainous Davy Jones role). The kraken scenes are amazing. The CGI holds up so well. The action choreography and set pieces are really enjoyable. This reminds me so much of Indiana Jones series, but of course it couldn't maintain that level of quality (well, neither could Indy at the end).

And at this point Captain Jack Sparrow hadn't overstayed his welcome (for me that happened with On Stranger Tides, more on that later, too), and it was a delight to see Depp enjoying the hell out of a role.

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