The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

You don't walk into a Martin scorsese movie to get a morality lesson. You leave your conscience at the door and that is exactly what I did. And boy was it a right decision. Greed is good, sure it was a different movie that gave us these classical words but never have they been depicted with such grandiose treatment before. This is a classic Marty movie. Chiding and glorifying a lifestyle at the same time. Showing the full picture and letting you be the judge. And he has found a willing partner in Leo DiCaprio who gives this his all. I am really glad he got a deserving Oscar nomination. Let's hope that he somehow wins though I have yet to see other performances. That's just my bias speaking for now. This is a fast paced, extremely masterfully edited, tremendously acted and impeccably directed movie. For fans of Marty this is a treat. It is his best movie since the departed, no questions asked. And dicaprio 's best performance since then as well, and quite possibly his best.

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