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Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

Journey to the end....

To some of us, this movie isn't just a journey of just going through 21 movies to get to End Game, but it was the years journey that it took to get here


This movie isn't just a journey of going through 21 movies to get to End Game, but it's the years it took to get here, I actually remember me and my friends discussing everything about the Infinity stones when Iron Man came out and all about the comics, and at the time it was just talk but back then if I knew the journey I would experience l through all the movies that came I wouldn't have believed it, what they did was unprecedented. I have to be honest there was even times that I was so dedicated to it being like the comics and actually hating it at the time because I thought it should be more like the comics but I still continued to watch to see where it goes and I never regreted it at all and I'm really eager to see where it goes even with a few speculations on on what could happen next. The wait for this movie was absolutely nerve-racking because I needed to know what have happened and I even went to lengths as to only seeing the trailer once and to avoid any speculation on every social network because I didn't want any spoiler. When I went to the theatre to watch this it was one of the best experiences I have had, the only thing was that I booked this movie so far in advance that by time the movie's release date changed earlier so I went days after its release date yet the atmosphere was if it was the first day, I couldn't believe how everyone was more energetic than ever and how there was people dressing to the theme of the movie. Usually I don't like when people would interrupt the movie by being loud and annoying but I actually enjoyed how everyone was reacting to everything, and nobody was actually scared to show any emotion for what was happening in the movie theatre and the we would collectively cheer at certain scenes. No matter what anyone would say about this movie, whether it's slower, or more different than the Infinity War but this movie brought so many people together even when the movie was already out we all wouldn't even post spoilers for each other because we all didn't want to ruin it for someone else, it's amazing how a movie like this brought us all together in unity.


This movie unprecedentedly three hours long so it will be very difficult to rate the entire movie so I will just have my thought in a few things. Alot of people expected it to start maybe on a big note, maybe a big battle, but it started with Tony, and no matter I have seen a hundred times from the minute I see that I get emotional, not only that but Nebula has never had a friend who was kind to her as Tony was and it just a short time. How long did it take for Captain Marvel to get there? Just a question...Does she no longer have to eat? Because I'm pretty sure she has to eat and got to the bathroom as she is flying as is through space. When Captain Marvel said I'm going to kill Thanos, I remember the whole theatre going Huh? When they found out what Thanos did to the stones and his head for chopped off it feels like all hope is lost, and such a heart breaking feeling. Why didn't Scott take the grey Quantum suit why did he take the Ant-Man suit? I though they needed the Quantum suite to go to he quantum realm or was it a mistake from Ant-Man and the Wasp and they had to continue with that even though they made a mistake. When it was five years later, the biggest hope we had was when Scott returned from the quantum realm, but while he was there they showed us the aftermath of The snap. Which was evident in Infinity war because Gamora is the last of her race and Thanos killed half the population on her planet, she even argues with Thanos in Infinity war that he doesn't know that it actually doesn't. This part of the movie show us why they need to win more than ever because it's not about pride or showing off any more.


When they looking for the how and when, couldn't they all go back to Titan when Iron Man and all had Thanos under sleep and Thor can can use his Axe to slice Thanos hand off before Starlord goes crazy and take his hand and the Infinity gauntlet and suddenly zap back to the future? I actually like this part of the movie, I don't know why some people doesn't, they actually gave us a way to tie all the movies together. Instead of giving a flashback, we got to be a part of all the movies and gave something that feels solid. I think Tony's father had something todo with Iron Man sacrificing himself to save everyone because of the words his father said to him, I can't remember the exact words but it about sacrifice his self needs above others and also Nick Fury from Age of Ultron aswell and just as he said in the beginning of the movie when he said he realised that he had a vision not a dream, and when he told Nick Fury about it in Age of Ulton, he said maybe he didn't do enough because he was the only one that was still alive. Natasha's death was sad, I remember the first time I saw it, I was so emotional, it was very long and a very emotional scene that felt so surreal. I just hope that in the Blackwidow movie they consider her a way bigger hero than she is already is in her hometown and maybe at the end they show us what happens after Endgame and give her a really big memorial. When they returned there is a scene that the angle of the shot looks weird, with Hulk in the background and Hawkeye talking. When they made the Ironman Infinity gauntlet, Thor's scene was so emotional, but I was glad it was Hulk who the one to do the Snap because Thor really wasn't in the right state at all.


I don't know anyone who wouldn't get so
emotional in this battle scene. When the main three was standing face to face with Thanos and Thor changed to his costume it makes you really excited, I have never heard a more louder cheer in the movie theatre than Captain America picking up the Mjölnir. From the first time I saw it till now, no matter how much times I watch it I just want to cheer. When he tightens his shield and he stands there face to face infront of Thanos and his army nothing is more emotional than seeing all of them coming to his aid, the way Black Panther looks at Captain America knowing he knows what he has to do, and when Spiderman comes through its just too much. I haven't felt so emotional for a battle scene as much as this since the Lord of the Rings. Even in so much happening each one was getting a spot light was really exciting even when Wanda was using her powers on Thanos It was so epic. Thanos in that timeline only knew about the Avengers, he didn't know about all of them so it was very much shocking for him. When Captain Marvel came I think it was perfect they didn't make her so powerful that she just kills Thanos like it's nothing, everything was balanced out. That final moment when Iron Man, Thor and Captain America was stopping Thanos from getting the Gauntlet will always remain the sadest, because even if you have seen it before you know what's about to come, when Tony snapped, do you think he saw Natasha, the same as how Thanos saw Gamora? The funeral it's emotional seeing everyone together, and the video message aswell, that was the one moment I have never heard it so silent in the theatre before because it was too emotional to say anything. When Captain America was returning all the stones I have so many thoughts like imagine him giving back the hammer and saying here you left this, and the red skull...did they fight? And the Ancient One was probably like who you? When he was sitting there with the shield...how? How old was he? Did he return back to Carter on Monday at 8 like he promised?


This movie is such a rollercoaster ride of emotions, it shows us at them at their lowest point to make the fight mean so much more because they know they cannot lose again. The cinematography is absolutely amazing, I feel like the effect are far more solid in this movie than Infinity war, all details are more sharper and clearer, and everything especially the end battle is so cinematic. That end battle is the reason why this movie was needed to see in IMAX 3D, I feel sorry for those who missesd out on the IMAX experience. The sound was far better aswell especially the beginning and the ending, the score was just perfect and the ending you were so focused on the battle that you would even forget how about all the amazing sound effects. The story as actually emotional and feel more solid for a final ending, Infinity war felt like an event but this more like a story, which I think was absolutely brilliant because we go to see very upclose to the amazing performances that everyone gave, everyone is talking about Robert Downey Jr but Paul Rudd and Scarlett Johansson have such an amazing performance, it's so underrated. Watching all the movies from the MCU makes this movie far more emotional than ever because you get really emotionally invested in all the characters that was snapped away and it feels so surreal to not see them throughout the entire movie so when you see them for the first time return is such an emotional experience, I think the three hour length worked in that favour because you really feel the wait and when you finally see everyone return you just want to cry. Do you think I will give this movie a low rating after a journey like this all the way from Iron Man all the way to End Game.

"we need to open the portal to the left"
"excuse me?"
"you see it all started when Capt.."
"if I open it to the left will you just shut up?"

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