Dunkirk ★★★★★

Sometimes a small act, can mean so much!

I am on a roll watching movies by Christopher Nolan, he continues to make history in his movies, and Dunkirk is one of them...


The movie opens up in the middle of one the main characters, Tommy who the movie mainly focuses on, when he was in the town, you could see every details onto the houses, fences everything, crips and clear with colours popping out, and the sound was so surreal, the minute I heard that gun shots I was in suspense, I wanted to yell run because at the time I didn't know what was happening I had to just watch as Tommy ran through the streets, it was nail baiting because it felt like anything could happen. Man! He just wanted to take a dump. At the same time they showed the Father and son and his friend George. Although at times they would show multiple characters each time rather than just one character the entire time even though Tommy was the main focus in the movie. They had Tom Hardy's character which at the time, never had much impacts, not because I couldn't hear what he saying? Could you repeat that?


At this time the focused mainly in the soldiers that was taking cover, hiding waiting to be rescued, Tommy and his fellow soldiers didn't have much dialogue because alot of scenes was taken by the beach, which was one of the most important visual sceneries in the movie, it captures how they were waiting to be rescued, if you think about it, alot of people didn't take note of how the commanders kept so much that was happening at that time in complete order, people was in line, they weren't panicking, they stayed together. But when they focused to the story to Tommy and fellow soldiers, they had quite alot of emotion to show in story, how they were all scared taking shelter together, which also had quite a few dialogues from them. It showed the type of character he was when he didn't give up his friend. But one thing that will always gets to me emotionally was when the father Mr Dawson and his son and his friend George saves that guy, who had trauma from the war, got in a scuffle and George got badly injured. Because when the soldier asked about him, and the boy said his fine because knowing that would cause him more trauma, he lied and said he was fine, that scene alone was emotionally powerful.


One of the best moments in the movie came, not only this was a visual masterpiece but the sound was just as amazing in these scenes, the way the ocean was captured, the angles and camera movement was superb was the moment all the boats came, there all sorts of civilians coming to the rescue, father's, mother's, grandparents, everyone who could was there to help it was such a cheering moment, I actually wanted to cheer, but then as the movie has to get dramatic they started shooting and that's where Tom Hardy's character really shined but we couldn't actually see his acting skills as he was in the plane. And I also wanted to yell because Tommy was still in the ocean swimming from the wreckage. All of the different characters and moments started coming together to piece one image. When they got to the boat the one thing I absolutely dreaded happened, George died. The scenes was moving to fast paced and his death was heartbreaking.


The ending was a battle of suspense. Tom Hardy's character had to shoot down the plane but they had to make it dramatic, the moment when there was the last plane and you could hear it coming, as the camera did pan over from beach across to all the rescue boats, and when the plane was in the sky I was holding my breath. That sound some made it so nail-biting. When the boy was holding onto the hands of that soldier trying to get away and he Finally lifted him in the boat and it was Tommy oh my goodness my heart just stopped for a second! They really know how make such a Heroic moment. I don't think that was accurate to the real story but sure was an awesome moment. When they reached back home, and they all got off the ship, that moment when they were carrying Georges body off the boat and the soldier that had trauma turned back to see it was such a moment, alot of people actually didn't like that part of the movie, said it was pointless but it's about someone trying to do something good to save people but lived short to see the end result. The final scenery was shot absolutely brilliantly, the sharpness in the image was superb. The harbour, the town's and even the train but I didn't expect it to end it with Tommy reading that article out loud, but it shows the surrealism of the war and it's impact on its soldiers, which makes the visuals more emotionaly impacting.

300 000

Overall this movie has outstanding visuals and sounds, the close up shots is immaculate. They used quite a few different camera techniques that changed the ratio from full screen to wide view for different scenes. Alot of the scenes rely on its visuals and sounds to create an emotional impact. Sometimes there is scenes that has no dialogues between the characters. It isn't a movie with back stories about characters but starts in the middle of their survival, which many people didn't like about this because they expected something different, rather than just to follow characters on their survival. Personally I think Christopher Nolan did absolutely superbly, maybe not for Tom Hardy, like what was he saying? I'm sure Tommy was taking a major dump after all this. The actors really acted their characters well I didn't see them as actors at all what so ever only the characters, and I didn't know it was Harry Styles, like what? For it's cinematography and it's surrealism sound, how can I not give this a high score. This is based on soldiers at war evacuating at Dunkirk, I wasn't there, I don't know what it's like being a Soldier but it's not a blockbuster that has to have one character with dramatic lines, no one is going to be quoting Shakespeare during battle. So yes this is definly getting the highest of ratings.

"Men my age dictate this war, why should we be allowed to send our children to fight it?"

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