Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Adventures of Marion Ravenwood

A man named Indiana Jones goes on an adventure to find the Lost Ark...
What's the movies name?


When it comes to adventure movies, there is one movie that always come to minds, Indiana Jones, which is a staple in adventure movies, there are so many movies that has copied this movie and has been an inspiration to so many other movies. This movie has been around for a very long time, infact it's been around so long that no matter what age you are, this movie has been in our lives growing up. So many other movie has referenced these movie where if it was the icon hat or the infamous whip, how many times have you seen something similar and the first thought comes to mind was Indiana Jones? I even remember once playing a board game and the words was Indiana Jones and my teammate described it as "the guy with the hat and whip" and I immediately knew it was Indiana Jones.


Where does the movie start? In Peru on his search for the Golden Idol in the Chachopoyan Temple, which the treasures remained untouched by treasure hunters which is why the Fertility Golden idol was still there thanks to the Hovito warriors which guarded the temple. The movie opens up on the Hallowed Mouth Deomn statue marking he Hovito tribe territory, Indiana did his research already taking a bag of sand before even going into the temple, wow that is alot of spiders on the guides back, I would have just simply died, my soul would have left my body, it's not a jungle temple unless there is booby traps which is where the guides lead all the other treasure hunters to, as long as they got paid. The amazing sight of the the Golden idol, he knew if he step on the Diamond shaped tiled it would release the poison darts, it's just like a video game. I guess his first instinct was actually correct on the weight before releasing some sand from the bag, leading up to the most iconic scene of all time, the big rolling boulder. How did Beloq learn the Hovito language?


Marcus Brody is like the Sully in Uncharted, he such an underrated character, he is the brains and voice of reason. You can already see all the artifacts that he has already collected around Indiana Jones classroom desk. They explain to us about the Nazi's and what they are looking for, the conversation might have been abit long to listen to and their voices don't sound that dramatic and exciting, it's like listening to your teacher and trying not to fall asleep haha! The reason why Marcus Brody told Indiana about how dangerous and different this mission is going to be compared to the others because he hasn't sent him to a mission this big, he would mostly send him to missions like temples to find idols and statues and not even to dig up tombs and temples, why do you think he mostly has idols and statues around his desk and home.


If Marion haven't kept the Headpiece of the Egyptian staff, they wouldn't have came after her, but then again something like that I wouldn't have gotten rid of it. This is where rely started to shine in this work, and he is famous for using light to portray an image, and I love the sound, it's sounds like we really are in the Himalayas, so Indiana Jones was actually looking for Abner and not Marion, but because she kept the Headpiece, she got roped into all this. Such a small scene made a big difference, it was just the right time when she left the headpiece on the table, because when the Nazi's came they would have seen it on her. When Indiana Jones came to save her, it's actually the first time we get to see him in action as a Ninja Archeologist haha! It's amazing how they did all that without special effects, it's such a shame that the place burned downs because it's one of the last things she has owned since Abner died and the headpiece is the very last thing left and it's what everyone was after.


If a monkey came to me wearing a vest I wouldn't trust it at all, I have seen Abu, I have seen Aladdin. The music and the atmosphere makes it feel like we are really there in Cairo, Marion have many people in the Tavern so she isn't afraid of those people, she always grabs something to fight and most times she stands her ground. My favorite scene was when the scimitar wielding assailant came showing off his skills and Indiana Jones just randomly shoots him, what I love about that scene is that it wasn't scripted, Harrison Ford improvised in that scene and decided to just randomly shoot him instead, and it's such an iconic scene aswell. Has anyone thought Marion really died in the fire the first time you watched this movie? If it wasn't for Sallah sending those children, Indiana would have died long ago and the movie would have been over, bang bang bang! Que Curb your enthusiasm music haha! And not only there but if it's wasn't for him he would have been poisoned, actually thanks to the monkey that was suppose to be in the bad guys side how ironic that the monkey was the one to save the day.


The well of souls is a masterpiece to look at, the scene is bright and colourful, you can see all the details, it's amazing, it was obvious to Indiana Jones that Amun-Ra is the Sun God that he use to use the piece of staff in the sun light. All the small details are so underrated like the wounds in the soldiers and the dirt on the uniforms so that it doesn't look like brand new costumes that the actors have to wear for the scenes. This time Indiana Jones doesn't just look for idols and statues in temples, he had to dig up the tomb going full out Archeological. The few seconds scene of him going down the tomb with the lightening looked amazing, it was so cinematic especially the sound. Wouldn't the snakes attack him violently when he lit them of fire? He knew immediately the significance of the Ark when he first encountered it just by seeing the Mysterious light the box it came come from producing, he knew it wasn't anything he has encountered before. We might have not gotten introduced to Beloq before this movie but during this movie we get to know what type of manipulative person that he is.


one of my favorites scenes in the movie that wasn't about archeology was actually the entire sequence where they have the car chase. Right from the time he got out the Well of Souls the action started from there, which was actually a very big scene with all the gun shots from the plane and the explosions, and it's the first time we see him fight the German soldiers one on one. During this scenes the music was so iconic making everything very memorable. I'm sure this is where uncharted got there inspiration from having fights on movies vehicles, but can we talk about how it literally looked like he pushing all the actors off the vehicle's even for the actors and Stunt doubles it looked way too surreal, like ouch! But when he was hanging on the back of the truck my goodness, he wouldn't be able to have children after that, with the way he was being dragged on the ground. One of my favorite scenes aswell that made me laugh out loud was when he hid the truck away in the garage and everyone made it look like one of the shops in the market place. No one can pull it off better than Sallah.


So when I watched this movie before I thought it was a submarine but now it comes to my understanding it's a German U-boat, I'm not sure what that is? But it does explain why he was beable to ride on it because I always wondered what happened if it submerged underwater. The entire Nazi set up actually reminds me of the Empire in Star Wars, I don't know why, even with the sound, especially when they were lined up matching between the mountains, the only thing missing is the Storm Trooper costumes. I love how they edited the fly to make it look like it flew into his mouth, I always thought a fly really flew into this mouth, I remember once still repeating that scene to watch it again to laugh at it and pointing it out to my friends. No matter how old a movie is, the good guy always teams up with the bad guy in the end, and in this case, Indiana Jones teams up with Beloq. Alot of movies have things that supernatural in it and some people have complained about it, but this movie has the same thing, the ghost flying around, I doubt anyone would even complain about the special effects but one thing this amazing is all the melted faces, which to my understanding that scenes are real melting doll heads that looks like realistic faces and that because the melting and exploding heads was too graphical they had to add special effect over it, that's why it has the ghost and fire over them. The ending was cool, area 51.


Overall...Indiana Jones is such an amazing movie, there is so much things in this movie that looks so real, like the towns, the tombs and even all the people getting dropped. I remember watching this movies for the first time and then refusing to watch it again because I wanted to get the complete adventures on Blu-ray because I wanted to see in its highest quality in the proper restored version and I have to say it definitely was with the wait, infact once I have played one the Indian Jones movie for a friend that have never watched it before and I said it was a new movie made to look like it's back in the day on purpose and my friend actually believed me. Steven Spielberg did such an amazing job directing this movie because the cinematography looks so amazing, infact it looks better than movie I have seen with so many CGI, all the actual production design makes a big difference. The sound in this movie is absolutely iconic, you can just hear half a minute of it and you'll know it's Indiana Jones, the consistent theme song that is unique to this movie makes alot of scenes very exciting.


One thing I would to add that because of The Big Bang Theory saying that even if Indiana Jones wasn't there the outcome would have been the same, they wouldn't have to is to go to the use the Well of Souls to use the headpiece on a staff ro capture the light, and then they wouldn't have known where to dig because the tomb was buried under ground which because if Indiana Jones Beloq wouldn't have skipped the Well of Souls and they didn't even know where to dig, Indiana Jones was the one to find the Ark of Covenant not the Nazi's. Then when they get a hold of it, if Indiana Jones want here then he wouldn't have know where to look for it to recover it when everyone died when they opened the Ark, it would have just landed into the hands of the Nazi's again.

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