The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★

Is this where Wolverine goes to Japan?

After the first Wolverine movie, they still had faith in Hugh Jackman in making a second Wolverine stand alone movie...


Atleast the opening of this movie was actually better than the entire Origins movie, after the previous movies the cinematography was far better, it was crisp and clear and the score and sound effects was way better, because one thing the movies had was a very weak score and sound effects. When they cut to the present time, Wolverine was exactly how we would have expected. So when Yukio was introduced, she stood out like shark in the Sahara desert, it was intriguing to see where this was going. When they went to Japan, I actually liked the location it was different from what have seen in the X-Men movies. When he met Ichirō the story really made Sense, when I said he wanted Wolverine's power I was like I knew it, because I knew something was up. There was alot happening but I knew something was off especially with that nurse lady it was so obvious that she was a villain.


When it was time for the Ichirō's funeral, and when Wolverine got shot, that was so unexpected because I thought we are going to see full on brutal Wolverine fights but I guess we got an injured Wolverine now, but then again that what makes this movie so different. When they were running in the city and the Ninja was on the roof shooting, the way the cinematography was and the score which was surprisingly really good, the scenes actually reminded me Doctor Strange when they were the running in the city. The sounds effects was amazing though. When they got on the train, and he had that fight, it was more exciting than I thought, when the train was moving it wasn't a usual fight. Alot of CGI though but the speed of the train made it intense so I didn't worry so much. After hat big moment they were in the city, and had to find a place to sleep, the pace was really slow again, so they decide to take a bus, my gosh, there's alot of traveling. So they make it all the way to Ichirō's old house, and not much happen beside them talking, eating and helping chop a tree. Yes we have got to watch all that. But that flash back was a really good scene, especially when they show the destruction of the bomb that was such a cinematic scene.


When Wolverine discovered that a parasite was in his body, it was weird the way he took it out, should have been maybe a surgery by someone, that would have been more plausible. But that fight scene with Yukio was absolutely amazing, did you think there would be Ninja flights in an X-Men movie? When Wolverine was getting shot by the arrows that was absolutely the most wtf thing I have ever seen. That part I am not sure but I think it's actually quite accurate to one of the comics, I could be wrong though, oh you think that's a wtf moment? The Reptile lady who decides to shed her skin to still look the same just with out hair. Couldn't they have made her green or something? When he fought that big silver Ninja I think the ending could have been better. They should have made that thing thinner and more flexible because then the fight would have looked cinematic but it was just bland. They only tried to shock us at who was in the iron ninja suit. After that big ending, when they were leaving it looked like a set up to another Wolverine movie but the end credit scene completely stole the show.


Overall this movie is actually the most different compare to all the previous X-men movies, the pace was definitely way slower, it was enriched with the Japanese culture which also the reason why this movie was different but the pace was really slow and it had so many missed opportunities. They could have had so many full out Ninja fights with great cinematography and could have added way more blood especially in the sword fights, and the whole set up with the flash back, he could have had the same sword that was in the flashback to tie the story together. The cinematography was really great, it wasn't over the top except the train scene but it was quite solid and the sound effects was absolutely outstanding. Especially the score which was actually the best out of the all the previous movies. It's such a good movie could have been better. So for it's solid cinematography, it's great score and it's story that is let down by the bad end battle and so many's still a solid rating but not a bad rating. Would I recommend you watching this? Yes, and even though this movie had Jean Grey in it, it's still a great standalone movie that quite different than all the X-Men movies.

"A man who has nightmares every night of his life is in pain"

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