Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

That Zombie Baby was again, "Crossing the line"

One of my anticipated films this year, I had huge expectation though I know the style and vision of Zack Snyder I had lowered the expectations and watched it just for mere entertainment. Snyder brings this film back to his roots to zombie films i.e. Dawn of the dead.

The Over the top blurry cinematography is too much sometimes and degrades the quality. The overlong screentime might be a problem as the film quests along the character development and slow pacing in the second act. Gore and zombie killing in the last 40 minutes is what really "saved" and compensated the movie. Otherwise it'd been a lower rating.

- Maria Cruz character should've been done by Penelope Cruz it'd been the perfect cast.
- Bautista's daughter character is annoying
- Several what the fuck, holy shit and fuckin hell moments in the third act.

The ending however was very cleverly done and it reminded me about the ending of LIFE 2016. Though a little sharpness of outbreak into the Mexico City would be the cherry on the cake.

I would've really enjoyed this more on a big screen rather than sitting at home and watching this on Netflix. But hey, atleast this is the Snyder Cut!

Nevertheless this was mad fun and I enjoyed it, though it had many goofs.

PS that Zombie king riding on that zombie horse was pure GOT(Whitewalker) vibes and Cape + Helmet was crossing the line! xD
PPS wtf happened to Geetha in the ending ?
PPPS Zombies by the Cranberries featuring on the epilogue of the film was che'fs kiss 👌
(🎶In your head, in your head.. ZOMBIE!)
PPPPS still psyched for Army of thieves and the animated series

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