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  • The Dead Zone

    The Dead Zone


    David Cronenberg directed this 1983 adaptation of King's novel. Christopher Walken stars as Johnny Smith, a high-school English teacher who decides on an especially rainy night not to have sex with his girlfriend Sarah (Brooke Adams) and instead drive home. Visibility is hampered and the roads are slick. Smith slides into a jack-knifed tractor-trailer and awakes from the resulting coma five years later. He survived the crash but what the hell for? Sarah has married another man.

    It's not like…

  • Re-Animator



    This 1985 Stuart Gordon film is based on an H.P. Lovecraft story called "Herbert West: Re-Animator". Jeffrey Combs plays West, a student who studied under the famous Dr. Gruber in Munich. One day, they were doing an experiment and Dr. Gruber's eyeballs exploded all over the place, so West had to switch schools. He attends Miskatonic University and immediately confronts his instructor Dr. Hill (David Gale) with charges of plagiarism, and the two build an adversarial relationship consisting mostly of…

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  • Zombeavers



    This 2014 film by Jordan Rubin is a broad, raunchy comedy about three raunchy broads set to spend a girls' weekend at the lake. Mary (Rachel Melvin) thinks they need some time away from boys while Jenn (Lexi Atkins) gets over her boyfriend cheating on her. Rounding out the trio is Zoe, a sassy brunette played by Cortney Palm. You might remember her performance in the titular role of Sushi Girl. You can see her titulars in either movie.


  • Death Race 2050

    Death Race 2050


    This 2017 action/comedy by G.J. Echternkamp takes place in the not-so-far-flung future of 2050, when America is truly run like a business, a massive conglomerate known as the United Corporations of America. There's no president any more, just The Chairman, played by Malcolm McDowell. What's the Chairman's solution to problems of overpopulation? Distraction by spectacle. Each year a handful of drivers and their proxies race across the country and run over people for points. They can be a little hard…