Scream ★★★★

Goddamn. I always thought this film was too soft/ overhyped/ just another 90s horrorfilm/ no big deal/ lazy writing. I really didn't care about this movie or the franchise it spawned. Maybe the Scream knock-offs or "Scary Movie" ruined this for me.

But, it's now that I'm older I can appreciate the movie for what it is and see it on a whole other level. The writing is amazing. Kevin Williamson's script is fantastic (maybe I should give The Faculty another chance to?), it does get a bit cliché at the ending of the third act, but I guess that's part of the whole meta thing here.

Also, damn right smart use of the OST. It never occured to me that they made a soundtrack like this.

And Craven, my man Craven. He made classics, he made shitfests, he made some underrated stuff and he made mix of all these things. Like him or not but he did showed off his directing skills and horrorknowledge in Scream.

A shame they couldn't get this movie as gory as it should be. Still glad most kills are on screen.

I take my words back what I always said about Scream.

This is not overhyped.
Scream truly is a horrormovie classic and it deserves all the praise it gets. One of the few 90s movies that stands the test of time.

I went from ★★ ½ stars to ★★★★