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  • Thoroughbreds



    "What else did it say?"

    "I don't know. I just threw it away."

    Remarkably cinematic considering the script was originally developed as a stage play, Thoroughbreds is the work of a filmmaker in their prime and yet this is the debut feature from 29 year old playwright/director Cory Finley. In fact, Finley had never worked on a film of any kind in any facet prior to writing and directing what is thus far the best film I have seen from…

  • M



    "Just you wait, it won't be long, the man in black will soon be here, with his cleaver's blade so true, he'll make mincemeat out of you!"

    87 years after its release and yet remarkably not a second of Fritz Lang's M feels dated. It's a cold, expertly crafted serial killer thriller and sits right along side another Lang masterpiece Metropolis as quintessential examples of cinema far ahead of its time. With some films it can be difficult to appreciate…

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  • Interstellar



    I have been staring at this blank canvas for a good half hour now, and I still can't find the words. How the hell do I start a review about a film like this? I walked out of the cinema in a daze, baffled and thrilled and grinning like a damn fool. My car is a two door red Honda Civic and yet I approached a white SUV with my keys out as if it was my ticket home because…

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    When you hear the name Travis Bickle, you might think of the infamous quotes that have been repeated or referenced for decades. You may recall the wardrobe choices Bickle makes throughout the film as well as the iconic transformation of his hair, the image of DeNiro with a mohawk and an eerie smile across his face ingrained into your movie loving soul. Last night I sat down and experienced Taxi Driver through a fresh set of eyes, having gone far…