Chronicle ★★★½

Chronicle is a film that really surprised me. I remember seeing the TV spots for the first time prior to it's release and I had absolutely no interest. The whole "found footage" thing doesn't really work for me, ever since The Blair Witch Project (which I love), it always feels so contrived and boring, instead of being unique it ends up coming off as a cop out to make a cheap, unimpressive film.

The reviews started coming out for this and much to my surprise, they were overall really positive, and then a few friends recommended it to me so I gave it a shot and really enjoyed it. This is my second viewing, and I still really like the film, with the same aspects still rubbing me the wrong way as well.

I have been a fan of Dane Dehaan since I first saw him on the HBO show In Treatment, and he does great work here. My problem with this film does not lie with any performances or screenplay issues, but with the found footage concept as usual. It just seems so phony at times, ironically ruining the sense of realism intended by the style.

Overall though, good film, a pretty awesome, brief but well paced ride that I could easily watch again and again.

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