Her ★★★★★

"The past is just a story we tell ourselves."

Typically I come right home after seeing a film and I find the words to properly review it without much trouble. I just couldn't do it with Her. It is unlike any experience I can think of, a work so moving, heartfelt and inspiring yet it destroyed me on multiple occasions. A remarkable screenplay by Spike Jonze had me laughing in one moment, smiling uncontrollably the next, and a few minutes later in tears. I am in awe of the craftsmanship, with set pieces and artistic design that make me want to buy framed imagery from the film and hang them on my walls at home. I want to personally thank Mr. Jonze for creating a futuristic world that felt real and honest, a world that I anticipate we will actually occupy soon rather than an impossible landscape that could only be found in the imagination.

As I typed the line earlier about this being an experience unlike anything else, I realized I should amend that now actually. As strange as it sounds, Her reminded me a lot of Gravity, which just so happen to be my two favorite films of the year. Obviously on the face of it this comparison makes no sense, but the emotional connection I made with both works felt very similar. These special types of films are rarer than it seems, when I can totally lose myself in the experience and the characters and images on the screen feel more real to me than my actual surroundings. For two hours yesterday, I became friends with Theodore Twombly, a man filled with so much sadness after the end of his marriage, yet what hurt the most was that in the process he was losing his best friend. I could not judge or criticize Theodore for falling in love with his OS Samantha, because I understood it and I believed in it. Their connection was deep, pure and meaningful, why begrudge any human being that level of joy? I want to raise my daughter in a world where love is love, no matter the race or gender of the person you share it with. During our lifetimes, computers will not only reach our level of critical thinking and understanding, they will surpass us in every way. Is it that absurd to believe that love could exist under those circumstances?

It is inspiring and important to have minds so creative and ingenious in our world that a work of art like Her can exist. I want to live it, feel it, and breathe it all over again. It's just that good.

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