Interstellar ★★★★★

I have been staring at this blank canvas for a good half hour now, and I still can't find the words. How the hell do I start a review about a film like this? I walked out of the cinema in a daze, baffled and thrilled and grinning like a damn fool. My car is a two door red Honda Civic and yet I approached a white SUV with my keys out as if it was my ticket home because my mind was racing, overwhelmed by spectacle, dazzled by ambition.

Thankfully the theater screening this tonight is literally a few blocks from my abode because honestly, I feel like I suffered a concussion and am unsure how to retrace my steps. All I can think about is Interstellar, the audacious achievement by Christopher Nolan, the finest work of his career.

When the film concluded, half the theater erupted into applause and the other half sat there scratching their heads wondering if they even liked it at all. I was stuck in some sort of cinematic purgatory, knowing I loved it and wanting to stand and cheer and yet my ass stayed glued to the seat and I remained quiet and still. It wasn't because the film isn't worthy, it is. It is worthy of more admiration than the clapping of hands can demonstrate. I can't explain why, but in that moment I was incapable of being a functional human being.

I just wanted to sit there and watch it again, dissect the science, try to understand the confounding final act. Luckily on November 15th I plan on going back again and try to put more coherent words together to explain why I know I will cherish a film like this for years to come.

I adore science fiction because it is a way to travel to distant worlds, a way to explore the unimaginable, a way to forget about a bad work day or a pile of bills to pay and see the grand spectacle of what is possible beyond the walls that surround us. Interstellar delivered everything I could have hoped for and more.

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