The Dark Knight ★★★★★

The Dark Knight has the distinction of being the only superhero film I have ever awarded a 5 star rating to. Typically, I think it is hard to create something worthy of a score that represents perfection inside a genre that thrives off of being silly and fun, but The Dark Knight is a dark, gritty, crime drama masterpiece.

I couldn't believe when I was hearing and reading people who felt Heath Ledger only won an Academy Award for this film because he had passed away, which is a ridiculous and unfair assessment. The man won the award because he gave an iconic performance, every word, mannerism, expression, and lick of the lips was perfection. His version of the Joker is one of my favorite acting achievements ever, and it never gets old or lessens in importance. A terrible shame that such a talent was lost so young.

I have trouble believing another film about a guy in a cape will ever come close to sniffing the brilliance of The Dark Knight. My tenth viewing of this film, and it moves up my overall rankings every single time.

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