The Square ★★★★½

Whenever I see coverage on CNN regarding a major event, either domestic or in another country, I always wonder what it would be like to be there in the midst of the chaos or amongst the celebration, one of the small dots that hardly seem real through a television screen yet for them it is a moment that will live on forever. These moments obviously vary from the dangerous and terrifying that make me appreciate the safety of my home, and the overwhelming feeling of achievement when human progress is made, but regardless those people were witnesses to history.

The Square is a documentary that takes us into both the stories of overwhelming joy when a battle appears to be won and the devastation and terror when those fighting realize it has only just begun. We follow multiple people navigate the dangers of fighting for their human rights during the Egyptian Revolution, and the cameras take us literally down onto the streets as blood, sweat and tears are shed in the hopes that the next day will be better than the last.

This film is at times violent, at times heartbreaking, often times inspiring, and always real. I admire the bravery it took to bring this film into existence, to keep the cameras rolling when actual bullets were in the air. The fight for freedom is ongoing, but now we have a closer, deeper look at what it sometimes takes to change the world.

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