Tenet ★★★★

There is no better “welcome back” to the movies than a Nolan film.

Performances? Strong af.
Visuals? Captivating.
Storytelling? Mind-boggling.
Sound? Just fucking loud as hell.

I know this is a divisive one and y’all could definitely say I’m drinking the Nolan Kool-Aid and you’re absolutely, goddamn right I am. And happy to do it. 

My only gripe is that apart from Neil (Pattinson), we don’t really get a ton of character investment. But it feels intentional. And I will always take a Nolan brother’s word for it. Poor me some more Kool-Aid.

What a ride. Welcome back to the damn movies, y’all.

*** I also was finally able to see footage from Dune so there was a 0% chance of me not enjoying this movie because I started off in such a great mood ***

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