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  • Defending Jacob

    Defending Jacob


    I watched this series in 2 days - would have been 1 day if I'd started it earlier. Every episode just makes you need the next one.

    Once all the cards are on the table we get to a controversial final episode that a lot of people revolted against - but for me it was the best episode of the series by far. The thing is that it just answers different questions than the ones you wanted to ask, and…

  • Swallow



    As this film is about a woman who is addicted to swallowing non-food objects, for considerable duration the film is gruelingly uncomfortable. It reminds me a bit of watching a heroin user shoot up in their purple / infected arm, but worse.

    "What are you doing??? Don't eat that! AARGH! You're nuts!"
    - Me watching the movie

    The film has some substance behind it and it does venture off into uncharted territory in the later stretches of the film, but ultimately where it wound up left me wishing for more impact and revelation. Good effort. The film's not boring. If you can stomach it ;)

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Phantom Thread. I'm not one for period romances, but I guess there's plenty that have been done right. I can't think of any good ones for some reason, but I'm sure there are ones out there without sappiness or pretentiousness and that are actually powerful. For a great time during Phantom Thread, I thought we might be headed in that direction.

    I'd have to say maybe 85 percent of the film works just right. Small number of characters that are…

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    Wow, that was unexpected.

    Day of the Dead is the very reason I watch films. This is what I'm searching for, exactly. It's so rare to find a new classic film. But I've found one today.

    It's the best zombie movie. The upgrade from Dawn of the Dead is about as big as Dawn's upgrade from Night of the Living Dead. The special FX are actually good in this film. It's gory as hell, one of the most violent films…