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  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    This movie is fucking sensational.

    Released in 1971 and banned in many countries until 2000 - A Clockwork Orange is as vicious and hypnotic as ever in 2018. Start to finish, this film just instantly blows me away. The narrator, Alex, is ferociously menacing and purely evil, yet still you can't help but be pulled into his world viewpoint and even feel sorry for him in places.

    How the visuals of this film come together with its immersive score and…

  • Mandy



    I almost didn't watch this. I took it off my watchlist after one too many bad reviews. Then I read something else good about it, so I decided to watch it afterall. Seemed like it would be a weird film, and maybe a bad weird film. Like Mother! or The Fountain or Inland Empire.

    I actually didn't find this film to be that weird. It is made "weirdly", cinematography wise. It has it's own style. Plot is straightforward though and…

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Phantom Thread. I'm not one for period romances, but I guess there's plenty that have been done right. I can't think of any good ones for some reason, but I'm sure there are ones out there without sappiness or pretentiousness and that are actually powerful. For a great time during Phantom Thread, I thought we might be headed in that direction.

    I'd have to say maybe 85 percent of the film works just right. Small number of characters that are…

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    Wow, that was unexpected.

    Day of the Dead is the very reason I watch films. This is what I'm searching for, exactly. It's so rare to find a new classic film. But I've found one today.

    It's the best zombie movie. The upgrade from Dawn of the Dead is about as big as Dawn's upgrade from Night of the Living Dead. The special FX are actually good in this film. It's gory as hell, one of the most violent films…