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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    I don't really get some people reviewing this movie. I don't get them at all. Isle of Dogs is yet another weird and pretentious offering from Wes Anderson. Although it is more engaging than Fantastic Mr. Fox, it suffers from many of the same problems. An avalanche of A Listers are doing the voice acting here, but you wouldn't know it. Only a few characters stand out. Everyone else just blurs into the background, taking turns at saying stuff.


  • Boyhood



    Well, this isn't my sort of thing, but here I am anyway. In all honesty, given the runtime, Boyhood could have been a lot worse. Spanning 12 years of the boy's life (from ages 7 to 19), and filmed in real time, I was glad they didn't throw the gimmick in your face. The transitioning as Mason grows up is done rather seamlessly and everything flows together really well.

    Unfortunately Boyhood does fall into the category of "normal-people worship" aka…

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Phantom Thread. I'm not one for period romances, but I guess there's plenty that have been done right. I can't think of any good ones for some reason, but I'm sure there are ones out there without sappiness or pretentiousness and that are actually powerful. For a great time during Phantom Thread, I thought we might be headed in that direction.

    I'd have to say maybe 85 percent of the film works just right. Small number of characters that are…

  • Christine



    Christine is truly an 80s classic. John Carpenter's use of music and sound in this film is amazing. Despite the paranormal premise, so much of the film feels highly realistic and enthralling. The night atmosphere as Christine goes on the hunt is so immersive.

    The characters of Arnie, Dennis and Leigh are so interesting and relatable. Watching Arnie's change as his obsession with Christine develops is a highlight of the film. As are the bullies lead by Buddy Reparton. Just…