Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark ★★★★★

Well done, Lars Von Trier. Well done.

This movie is something special. I never really listened to Bjork but she can certainly sing, and act too, surprisingly. This performance from her is Oscar worthy. It'd be a crime if she wasn't at least nominated. I think actually, it's one of the best acting performances I've ever seen. God.

I read one reviewer say this was the saddest movie ever. Someone said that about Melancholia too. Well, Melancholia is no walk in the park, but Dancer in the Dark definitely has it beat. It is hard not to cry in this movie.

And that's mostly because you will fall in love with this character. She is adorable. Selma Jezkova has recently moved to America from the Czech Republic to give her son a better life. She works a factory job saving her money for a noble cause, as her eyesight gradually deteriorates. Her love of music, singing and dancing, is the only thing left to grasp as the world around her descends into black.

Powerful, amazing movie. Highly recommended.

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