Edtv ★★★

I feel like rewatching this film has actually lowered my IQ.

EDTV is a late 90s relic, banging about the problems and hilarity of reality TV, which must have been a new concept at this time. It is a very corny movie with so many eye-rolling, cringe inducing moments - however there are actually some genuinely funny bits as well which surprised me.

Whilst seemingly in another universe compared with their later performances on the TV show True Detective, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are both excellent as a couple of clown nobodies who are forced into national stardom after being picked up by a TV station wanting to film them 24/7. The supporting cast also features some well known celebrities including Rob Reiner and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as two big name actor surprise cameos.

The film is really stupid, much like the show they're filming, but it does help some that it seems self aware of how bad it is. The frequent cutting away to stereotype Americans glued to their TV screens watching Ed's romantic endeavors is really tough to endure. And you have to wonder if the filmmakers think the average person is this stupid.