Hereditary ★★★★½

My God. Now this is a horror movie.

The best in a long time. Seriously in terms of quality, this film is closer to The Sixth Sense than the Babadook. Don't get me wrong, the Babadook was a good movie, but still far from anything special.

Hereditary is special.

Much of the delight to be found in this film rests solely in the hands of an extremely talented / skilled writer-director, who has his own brand of originality.

The film excels in so many areas. There is so much detail happening in this film both in what you're looking at - and behind the scenes. Subtle plot points, occurrences, snippets of information that occur early in the feature come back in profound and unexpected ways. The film's use of image and sound is truly terrifying. This is white hot, nail-biting stuff.

Must see film. Best of 2018 so far. There are so many successful, mediocre horror films out there, and I am so happy about Hereditary, because it gives them a giant kick in the pants.

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