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  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder is a movie that boils and bubbles with anxiety and frustration throughout its narrative. Bong Joon-ho has woven a tale with great characters working to solve a string of murders that are based on real murders in South Korea. The film’s visuals are gritty and grounded and provide the story with a tangible feeling of immediacy. The detectives each have their own methods and odd characteristics that clash as the body count rises overtime. The examination of…

  • Waves


    Waves is a patient and observational look at a family dealing with the pressures of life and is made with great humility. There are layers and layers of familial angst and expectations among the different dynamics displayed here. These bonds and the way they are explored is done in both a tender and explosive way, capturing a full range of realistic and believable emotions we have all felt. These performances feel painstakingly real and as if they’ve been cultivated from…

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems is a firecracker of a film, bursting with anxiety and absurdist mayhem. Adam Sandler delivers what may be the most notable performance of his career as a corrupted and morally bankrupt jeweler named Howard Ratner. While leading a double life as a family man and gambling playboy, Howard deals in knockoff jewelry as well as high-priced items from around the world. His gambling leads him into debt with the wrong crowd and the film follows him as he…

  • Winter Light

    Winter Light

    Winter Light is a stark and striking meditation on faith and the pain associated with the love of god. Written and directed by Ingmar Bergman the film follows a priest who is ill and struggles with his faith and belief in god. The community the priest serves is cold and covered in snow and the people turn to him for comfort and answers. Ingmar Bergman has asked many faith based questions throughout his films, although Winter Light feels the most…