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Favorite films

  • The Weeping Meadow
  • The Third Part of the Night
  • The Beekeeper
  • Yi Yi

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  • After Blue (Dirty Paradise)


  • Dark Glasses


  • Nobody Knows I'm Here

  • The Crossing

Recent reviews

  • After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

    After Blue (Dirty Paradise)


    Bertrand Mandico directs a two hour film, ostensibly about two women looking for a killer in a fantasy-scifi world.

    Mandico is known for his bizarre short films, which led up to the feature length, the Wild Boys.
    But you might want to start there before jumping on here.
    Unlike Wild Boys, there isn't much in the way of aim or connective tissue here, fair enough I don't need a story/plot and yes I forgot most of it as I'm sure…

  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


    Dear reader, this neo-giallo contains!
    -Black glasses (of course)
    -A strangely sincere relationship between woman and boy
    -DUELallo elements
    -a few gruesome murders
    -competency in tension building
    -A faux-Simonetti score that actually does its job
    -Not enough misdirection
    -A heroic act by man's best friend
    -Stylizations, while stylish not as stylish as the directors other work
    -Not George Eastman but totally supposed to be George Eastman as a killer.

    It filled 85 minutes and did the trick at any rate!

    Verdict: *** 1/2

Popular reviews

  • Dunkirk



    Dunkirk is a 100 minute action/war film directed by Christopher Nolan, it stars Tom Hardy and focuses on the British naval escape from Dunkirk during the second world war.

    Allow me to get something out of the way, I am not a fan of Christopher Nolan, I found Interstellar syrupy and condescending in its exposition, Memento and Insomnia, Inception as self-important crime films which consider themselves more than they actually are, I’ll take the old Batman films (Burton and…

  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep has her house is a 90 minute experimental film directed by Scott Barely, it is a non-narrative film featuring no actors or dialogue.

    I confess, high-experimental cinema is an area of film I have left tragically unexplored, this was also my first Barely outing.
    While Fricke and Reggio are less immersive, the prior feels like he has more to say and you have more fun interpretating the images and ordering them and are well...generally brighter, more vibrant .