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  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting


    Feel like I'm voicing a controversial opinion but I don't think film is that good...

    I found the characters of Will Hunting incredibly annoying (although I'm sure that's supposed to be the point to a certain degree). The secret genius storyline bordered on the ridiculous.

    However there's no doubt the performances are strong. I certainly found the film moving in places. I just wanted to spend as little time as possible in the company of Will Hunting as possible. I do like Matt Damon by the way.

    Although now I get the 'Good Will Hunting' 2 gag in 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'

  • Ideal Home

    Ideal Home


    Big fan of Coogan, but always a bit wary of his Hollywood output as it can be a little hit and miss. Had to bail half an hour into ‘The Dinner’ as it was quite tedious.

    This film on the other hand is a delight, Coogan and Rudd work well together from a sharp witty script. Plenty of laughs. More like this please Steve.

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  • The Festival

    The Festival


    I might be a little generous in giving this film 4 stars, but for a film marketed as from the creators of the inbetweeners, it had everything I expected. Couldn't really ask for anything more really... 3 likeable leads in an enjoyable, silly, crude film. Fun cameos/supporting roles from Nick Frost, Noel Fielding and Jemaine Clement. Just nice to watch a good British comedy film.

    Also bonus points for a 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' poster featured in one scene.

    Although in 2018 is Mr Brightside still that popular a song to appear in this film 3 times?

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    *gasp* This was a quite good DCEU entry */gasp* Gadot & Pine are ridiculously charming throughout the film, selling the silly premise. Shame about the 15 mins of CGI smash crash bang bobbins, but other than that, very good.