Sharon Rwakatungu

Sharon Rwakatungu

Ugandan | Cinephile | Host of Cinema Red Pill Podcast

Favorite films

  • Vagabond
  • Mossane
  • Secret Sunshine
  • In the Cut

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  • The Pearl of Africa

  • I Am Samuel

  • Benedetta

  • The Watermelon Woman

Recent reviews

  • I Am Samuel

    I Am Samuel

    Went by fast, really enjoyed it. I expected this to be bad and exceedingly basic from the trailer and I'm also not a fan of the title so I judged it too harshly. Happy to be wrong, each time they kissed my heart was so full! I simply cannot believe Samuel's father is in the doc, wild wild wiiiiillllld! The only thing I have come to expect is the consistent disowning in real life and on screen.

  • Benedetta


    Connected with this so much because for me the core of it is a display of how religion is a fucking scam! Sparked great conversation and recollection about the ways religion just failed to connect with us in past years. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Popular reviews

  • Bamako



    "Africa's key characterization is not her poverty, she is a victim of her riches"

    This might become my favourite court drama, first for the subject matter; African society vs international financial institutions. There's argument that we still come off as slaves to the west especially when it comes to financial gain today. The topic hit so hard, and the way it is argued by the different witnesses was fascinating, they had the people represent themselves. My favourite being the former…

  • The Defiant Ones

    The Defiant Ones


    These long form documentaries are the shit, they delve deep through many years and truly give you the picture of someone's life. Captivating from start to finish. I knew Dr Dre was a legend and I thought his story was the only one I'd care to hear but wow Jimmy Iovine is rightfully a legend too my goodness.