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  • You Only Live Twice

    You Only Live Twice


    Dare I say my favorite Connery film in the franchise? 
    Yes I do.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    This film left me in a whirlwind of emotions. It’s absolutely breathtaking. This is a 2 hour film about Queen from their beginning until Live Aid, so approximately 15 years of stories and facts to explore. So of course there are going to be things that won’t be included and some fictional inputs, but the film captures the essence of Queen and Freddie perfectly. The cast is amazing, everybody portraited their individual so perfectly, even Rami who had big shoes…

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  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple

    After numerous tries it seems that I just can’t get the Choen brothers. This movie made me finally realize they’re not my cup of tea. Half a star for the dark/night shots and another half for the appealing poster.

  • Nomads



    I have only four things to say
    1. I can’t believe I watched the entire film for three (3) minutes of Adam who I only came here for (and stayed for tbh).
    2. I’d like to speak for all of France when I say that we don’t endorse the accent or any of this. 
    3. If I took a vodka shot every time Pierce and Anna said "ah" I’d be absolutely shitfaced 30 minutes in.
    4. Was there even a plot?!? The fuck was this?!? (BUT it was an alright viewing, I had fun)