Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

“Diabolic, a stylish and slick film by debutant director Emerald Fennell who ensures her Promising Young Woman is phenomenal. Themes of toxic masculinity are displayed and talked with a nice touch of black comedy however it's Carey Mulligan who steals the show with a dynamite performance as Cassandra.”

There are so many highlights in Promising Young Woman, its script, and direction by Emerald Fennell, who debuts as a director in Hollywood with Promising Young Woman, or its Carey Mulligan who provides one of the best performances of her career not to mention the best performance in recent year. But what makes Promising Young Woman, well, promising. It’s the hyperactive, bright photography for some of the interesting and enticing crime thriller wrapped around a drama not to miss. The film has a lot for genre lovers. The film follows Cassandra (Mulligan) who is unstable after a tragic event and wants to set things right against people who come in her path. This was a dark theme in which touches reality, men take advantage of women, and how they get away with it. The topic the film has is very important in society and also one of the most overlooked ones. Taking advantage of a drunk girl. This story was a work of art, how it flips the switch on making her prey on those kinds of men. There were two high points in the film the first was predictable but the second it wasn't and how brilliant it was. I also love all the things she did, not only in the name of women, but it was also all due to the strong friendship and that love made her do so many thrilling things. I was in awe of her and the length she has gone through for her revenge. The message of this film was powerful and greatly projected. This has some of the best framing and cinematography of the year. Each shot is visually pleasing in how it's framed and each shot knows what needs to be in it. Every shot felt to me like it was intentional in what it wanted to show. In other words, there was a certain aesthetic to the film that worked very well for the tone. Overall, This little revenge drama, thriller, and at some points despite the subject even humorous totally blew me away for a few reasons. I won't spoil anything, but this was truly unique, shocking, surprising with an amazing cast, great soundtrack and you wait for the kicker at the end.

Carey Mulligan. Cast performance. The direction of Emerald Fennell. Cinematography.

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