Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

Not everything for Spiderman Far From Home comes together as it should have. Tries a lot of things yet fails in more than it succeeds in. While Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Zendeya shine in their roles, the film’s main problem is that it tries to be a significant entry in MCU but like Captain Marvel, it was worth making but didn’t turn out be necessary like they thought. Spiderman Far From Home is dulled down by a very predictable plot, the film then has a lot of familiar things to offer, Marvel-esque special effects, some quips, whimsical production values which I believe now feel exhausting.”

On paper Spiderman Far From Home does everything right for a sequel, it changes the fun and aspiring tone of Homecoming to more gloomy and teen romance. The movie’s highlight remains the display of a world after Ironman, and believe me there is not even one scene that movie lets you forget that. There are scenes upon the scene, dialogues upon dialogues of how to live without Ironman or how the world will need next Ironman, which personally I believe isn't Spiderman. Filmmakers, however, insisted hard-on make Spiderman the next Ironman. And this is where the real problem begins. The character is suddenly changed his motives are changed. Spiderman has always been inspired by words and death of his uncle Ben, whatever he does has roots with that. I really liked the idea in Homecoming that Tony Stark was taking the figure of Uncle Ben but Spiderman Far From Home disregards that poorly. The sequel is set 8 months after events of Endgame, the film opens with a tribute to the fallen Avengers by high school where Peter goes, we see a sad Peter Parker (Tom Holland) who wants MJ (Zendeya) as girlfriend and has all plan set up when they leave for school trip to Europe, Peter’s plan is interrupted when a mysterious elements are found and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) enlists Spiderman’s help. Tonally the film is benefited from the death of Tony Stark, it brings our main character Peter Parker under light, there is sorrow, anger and hope to be better superhero however child he is he looks for a mentor in Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal. I always knew he would look for a mentor in Mysterio because Homecoming was similar in theme. The friendship between Beck and Parker isn't greatest but it short and works for the movie so when the finale comes it hits us very hard. Zendeya as MJ is really who surprises us, she is brilliant, and her chemistry with Tom Holland is remarkable. I really enjoy Peter trying to work her love plan for MJ, it is fun. The film does work as a teen rom-com but with superhero themes, like its predecessor which took a bite on coming of age genre with superhero themes. Tom Holland is outstanding here, we actually see him mature in the role of Peter Parker here, his every appearance in MCU has given so much for the character’s development that I believe no other MCU character is given. We see and enjoy him more as Peter than Spiderman, and this is why the movie works in many ways. We never saw these story of the character on-screen. Jake Gyllenhaal is another actor who I believe enjoyed playing his role, a perfect casting. Jake does everything correct here. He is no villain but in eyes of Peter, he is so that makes him a villain. Rest of cast is good too Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) has a lot to do here since Ironman movies, his best part is when he comes to rescue Peter somewhere in the Netherlands, also a sweet homage scene with him watching Peter making a new suit resembles Tony Stark. Aunt May once again fails to be part of the movie as much as like Aunt May does in Peter Parker’s life in comics or previous non-MCU movies did Marisa Tomei is bad casting and even filmmakers I believe don’t want to use her for the film. I feel for Nick Fury though whenever he has a large part in the movie, the movie turns out to be bad or weak, Captain Marvel, Ironman 2 and now this. The film’s writing is superb there is no doubt in that. Jon Watts the director returns and he knows these characters. How to make dramatic, exciting and somber scenes out of them. The comedy is toned down however that is because the film wants to tell a romantic story with solid action. Though I didn’t particularly like any action sequence which I believe were all average, unlike Homecoming where many sequences are still unforgettable. Far From Home does have good visuals though but no action scene. The Mysterio illusions are beautiful, fast and really shows the mind of Peter I believe. The film partially uses Spidey Sense as main plot device because after Tony’s death Spidey Sense AKA Peter Tingle (a lazy name) isn't working properly however once it does, in the end, the movie showcases it extraordinary, when Peter disregards Mysterio's illustration by using Spidey Sense and then defeating him with it too, the scene is short but a well piece of filmmaking. The action is shot with a continuous shot with Spiderman battling and destroying Mysterio’s drones. The spidey action by that I mean the web-swinging and all web-shooting looks very good, unlike previous Spiderman movies where these things were highlighted, Spiderman Far From Home does it subtly, you won't notice it largely unless you are looking for it. Overall the film is very predictable, from start to finish there is no shocking twist apart from the mid-credit scene, which I believe was an outstanding move by filmmakers. As for the sequel, it’s just another Marvel movie, high production value, talented and good-looking cast all wrapped around fantastic and exciting special effects.

Cast performance. Tom Holland as Peter Park. Fine Spidey action. Fantastic Special effects.

Predictable plot. Aunt May. Peter Tingle the name. forgettable action.

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