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This review may contain spoilers.

Finally watched this and I have two thoughts: 1. YAS, and 2. I wish I'd read the book first. WARNING: SPOILERS

Having read other analyses of the series that compare it to the book, I fully agree with those who criticize Bonnie's upbringing being left out of the show. I know that you only have so much time when you do a limited series adaptation, but it feels a bit out of nowhere to have her be the "pusher" based on the 10 seconds of her observing Perry's behavior that night. It's not COMPLETELY out of nowhere so it functions okay, but it would have held so much more meaning knowing what she went through growing up. That is my ONLY criticism of the show. The acting (especially the kids, though I know they are not meant to be the focus), as well as the soundtrack, were so great. It will be interesting to see what season 2 holds since the source material has been used to completion.