Bad Boys II ★★½

Bad Boys II is a major improvement over the original, but that's not saying much. In its favor, the writing definitely has a better feel for the comedy, and the plot isn't quite as cut-and-paste from every trashy '80s cop drama.

All the time spent hanging out with these characters comes not at the expense of the action/crime goings-on alongside it, but in tandem, so we are stuck with an ungodly 2.5-hour runtime for a movie that has about 45 minutes worth of plot machinations.

As for the Michael Bay-ness of it all, yes, all the explosions are here. There are plenty of squibs, too—dude loves a gunshot. But my favorite moment might be the BACK-TO-BACK whirling dervish hero shot of angry Marcus on the phone and Mike looking confused but tough. What a choice.

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