Downsizing ★★★★

Hong Chau is great and I think this movie is sneaky good, though I can see why people hate it. The movie advertised in both the trailers and even the first half hour is not the actual movie. To judge it based on those misleads is unfair. 

That said, Downsizing struggles a bit with tone, and not just at the outset. But the weight of these ideas would be too heavy without some humor, awkward as it is at times. 

And yet, I found the whole thing moving, thoughtful, and full of subtext. It’d be easy to check out of the disasters that lay ahead of us humans on this earth, but we gotta stick around and do the work (even when it is pretty futile) because, honestly, the whole endeavor is pretty futile anyway. So we do our best and live with the rest.

ps. It’s a delight to see nebbish Matt Damon—best known from The Indormant!—back again. But yeah, Hong Chau holds it all together.