Honey Boy ★★★★

Heartbreaking, sure, but also hopeful, honest and beautiful. Shia saves no one from blame, especially himself, in his semi-autobiographical story, but he also has plenty of empathy for his father's struggles as another link in the chain of trauma passed from generation to generation.

Surely writing this was an act of empathy for him, just as it was to play a fictionalized version of his father. In doing so, it also shows how far the real Shia LeBeouf has come since the days of young adult Otis.

As a fan of LeBeouf from his early days on Even Stevens and in Holes, I always felt bad for his downfall, but watching this I also wondered how Noah Jupe (an excellent young actor in his own right) was doing to shoulder his own burdens. I hope he can learn from both this film and his costar, and come out wiser as he enters adulthood.

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