Justice League ★★

It's not Fantastic Four-bad on the unintentional comedy scale, but because of that, it suffers from a worse fate: mediocrity. It's also unexpectedly stodgy? It feels 10 to 20 years old in terms of tone, clunky plotting and rushed character introductions.

Other thoughts:

Gadot/Wonder Woman is great even in this trash, can I just get another Wonder Woman movie plz, thx.

Huh, some real Buffy season 6 vibes here. Ironic.

I get that Barry Allen is supposed to have a quick wit or whatever, but: Ezra Miller, what movie are you in?

I think this retroactively makes Infinity War (which I didn't love) look like Citizen Kane?

Batfleck: still the worst Batman.

Henry Cavill's fake upper lip is glaringly obvious in the opening sequence.

Mother boxes < Infinity stones

My favorite scene is Batman's shocked smile when Supes shows up at the end. Best/worst acting in Affleck's career.