Minority Report ★★★★½

It’s uncanny that both Spielberg and his pal Lucas put robotic factory action sequences into their 2002 movies. The one here is mercifully shorter, but not much better than the video game-like set piece in Attack of the Clones.

Spielberg’s own factory chase/fight is one of the few sour notes in a movie that doesn’t need action sequences like it to be interesting. This movie is downright weird and at its best when it plays to those impulses.

Nearly two decades on, the film’s once visionary look at future technology is less convincing than it used to be—a big scene in a mall in the year 2054? Fat chance—but it doesn’t much matter. Imagining the future always says more about the present of those who foresee it, which is infinitely more insightful than being predictive, anyway.