The Incredibles ★★★★★

It's a testament to the cutting edge Pixar lives on that the most traditional special effects still hold up a decade or more later—Return of the Jedi for example, needed very little in the way of upgrades for the 1997 Special Edition—and yet, yikes, the animation looks SO OLD now.

Everything else about this movie, though? Incredi—fantastic, to the last. The art direction, set design, costuming, lighting, character design and Brad Bird's direction is top-notch. The character motivations and plot machinations are believable (in a super world) and most importantly, the family drama is insanely relatable.

This is a movie about a man's worth being defined by his place in the workforce, but coming to terms with the reality that it may actually be more about his place in the home and as a father and husband. Suddenly I'm really excited for the sequel, which, based on the trailers, looks like it has a lot more to say about gender roles in marriage and parenting.