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  • The Wolf Man

    The Wolf Man


    My personal favorite of the Universal Monster movies and arguably still the best wolfman movie ever (I tend to lean towards Curse of the Werewolf, but love this one almost as much)

  • Devil in a Blue Dress

    Devil in a Blue Dress


    A fantastic noir thriller with Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle at their best. Sorely underrated

  • Clockers



    A strong effort from Spike Lee that looks at black on black crime within a murder mystery. A killer cast with strong performances all around, but Delroy Lindo and Isiah Washington stole it, in my opinion. I also loved Keith David as an intimidating cop named Andre the Giant. Definitely worth looking at in Lee’s filmography.

  • Collateral



    Mann’s action thriller holds up exceptionally well, just shy of 20 years later. Cruise and Foxx are perfect opponents and both are at the top of their game here, as is the supporting cast. One of my favorite scenes/moments is the hospital visit to Max’s mother, which to a degree is a moment of comic relief and should be a relief of tension, but I can’t help but be on edge because Cruise’s Vincent is completely unpredictable throughout. Really top notch work from all involved.

  • Manhunter



    I hadn’t seen this in quite a few years and for some reason, had it in my mind that it was just alright, but this was on par with Silence of the Lambs. Tom Noonan is especially creepy as “The Tooth Fairy”. While I also enjoy the remake of this, Red Dragon (2002), this is a far superior telling of that story.

  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    This had some great ideas and was really well made, especially for the budget. The cinematography, music and performances were all solid. The issue I had was the painfully slow pacing and long takes, where it might stay on one character talking for a lengthy period of time. It ultimately made it hard to stay interested in and felt long. I think this would’ve been an amazing short film, but as a feature it just needed some help with the pacing.

  • Adaptation.



    A perfect movie that has numerous themes, but the main one I take away is pursuing what you love, no matter what anyone thinks, whether it’s a person, a job, etc. This film is equally as heartbreaking as it is hilarious. Streep and Chris Cooper are both as good as they’ve ever been, but the real star here is Cage, who shines in not one but two leading roles, and he’s excellent as both. I don’t think he’s ever been…

  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    I enjoyed this immensely more the 2nd time around than the first. Carpenter did Escape From LA, Vampires and this back to back, and most consider all 3 to be lesser works from him. To me, they all feel like he’s just having fun. They’re more action driven than horror, but all have this sense that he and the actors were just like let’s make a fun, kick ass action flick, and even if it is “lesser” Carpenter, it’s still a cut above most things.

  • End of Watch

    End of Watch


    I think this may be the best cop movie since CopLand. Gyllenhaal and Pena are both excellent as the lead partners and the supporting cast is are all stellar. The way Ayer filmed this, makes you feel like you’re doing a ride along with these two cops on the streets of LA which makes it so easy to get to know them and fear for them when danger hits. Everything just feels so natural. Enjoyed it equally as much this time
    As when I saw it when it was released.

  • Skull



    A fun enough little low budget horror that’s got plenty of gore and practical effects to appease anyone looking for such. The plot gets a little convoluted and kind of boring when the side detective story is happening, but when it’s Skull slashing people apart, it’s fun as hell. Watched via the Chattanooga (virtual) Film Festival

  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    Just like with Turbo Kid, I enjoyed this more upon revisiting it. I still think it leans a bit too heavily into the nostalgia (they really love their synth scores, don’t they?), but it’s an enjoyable thriller that has an incredibly bleak ending that I enjoyed more this time than the first. I wonder though if a stronger ending wouldn’t have been that Davey’s dad was the Killer. They mention early on that he’s not around much because of his…

  • Lone Wolf McQuade

    Lone Wolf McQuade


    This was top tier stuff from Chuck Norris. A great blend of spaghetti westerns and martial arts and David Carradine as a worthy opponent (and antagonist) for Norris. It was awesome seeing Leon Isaac Kennedy, a great blaxploitation actor from the 70s showing up in this as well. Steve Carver, who’d made some great exploitation pictures, directed this with confidence and everything just flows and comes together really well. A very pleasant surprise all around!