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  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    Scream 4 starts with a funny and inventive intro, and throughout the film we are treated with nuggets of wit and thoughtful humour that was mostly redundant from the third film. 

    It’s not completely perfect as a number of times I felt myself cringing with Craven trying to get “down with the kids” more than usual. It’s also not as well paced as the first two movies.

    As always, there’s some great additions to the cast, particularly Alison Brie, and…

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    The good: 

    •Relatively entertaining

    •Nice cameos including Roger Corman, Carrie Fisher, and Lance Henriksen. 

    •Eerily prescient regarding the abuse of power in Hollywood, and the me too movement. 

    The bad:

    •Logic has been thrown out the window

    •(Sydney types in a secure passcode to a perimeter gate). Er Syd, the fence is waist-high 🤷🏻‍♂️

    •The Red right hand song update isn’t very good (sorry Nick).

    •Unnecessary dream sequences

    •Stupid explosions

    •Shitty music

    •Dumb and unconvincing decisions made by the characters…

Popular reviews

  • Tenet


    Tenet (or a complete fucking waste of time)

    The Dark Knight, Interstellar, The Prestige, Insomnia. Just a few of the films that Christopher Nolan has made that clearly verify him as a major talent. Despite making a few recent duds (Dunkirk, The Dark Knight Rises), I was sure he was capable of making something, at the very least, coherent and entertaining and that would justify making the guarded trip to the cinema. 

    Unfortunately, Tenet does the very opposite. It’s a…

  • Natural Born Killers

    Natural Born Killers


    Oliver Stone's greatest film. Beautiful, even it is hard to stomach. I fully understand people's antipathy towards it, but the ideas, performances, and soundtrack win me over. Rarely has a film perfectly summed up the insanity of the world and its inhabitants.