Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst ★★★

Patty Hearst is based on a true story, directed by Paul Schrader, and stars Natasha Richardson as Patty Hearst, a woman kidnapped and then "turned" by the Symbionise liberation army, a terrorist organisation in 70’s USA. Ving Rhames and William Forsythe also star. 

Like his directorial debut Blue Collar, Patty Hearst focuses on proletarians fighting a corrupt system by unconventional means. Most of their tactics are impossible to defend, however they truly believe they are fighting for the common good of the working classes. 

Richardson does a great job in the lead and it’s a shame she didn’t have more challenging roles before she sadly passed away. 

The film is surprisingly experimental. Some of it is dated, some of it still holds up well. Most importantly, the story itself is a fascinating one. Overall the film was better than I expected. Not quite amongst the best of Schrader’s work but certainly not the worst either.

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