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  • Baseball



    Ken Burns has mastered the art of successfully putting a museum into movie form.

  • The General

    The General


    The stunts are innovative, creative and a miracle for 1926. But it lacks the usual Keaton charm. And the whole Union as the "bad guys" was a bit awkward.

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  • Interstellar



    Such a cool movie. I went to the theater not knowing pretty much anything about the movie besides it had to do with space. Boy, I'm glad.

    The only regret I had was not seeing it in IMAX.

  • Limelight



    Terry: I thought you hated the theater.
    Calvero: I also hate the sight of blood, but it's in my veins.

    Limelight is such a good movie but I feel as though you can only appreciate it if you have seen his best work first. It's one of those "Its not about my personal life but it really is" kind of movies.