The Creator

The Creator ★★★

An amazing visual achievement. With a modest budget director Gareth Edwards and his team created an amazing looking world and set pieces that look almost twice as expensive! In a world filled with much more expensive films with terrible CGI overloads, „The Creator“ is such a breath of fresh air!

The smart use of set extensions on real footage is used with great results and film looks and feels big and real. The sci-fi world looks haptic and lived in. 
The robot animations looked very convincing throughout.

Yet from a worldbuilding perspective it was too inconsistent I felt. Many aspects of the world didn‘t seem coherent in the way technology was portrait. A lot of times the design work seemed more like it has to look cool, instead of making sense. 
Some designs were amazing though. Especially vehicles and buildings.

From a Storytelling point of view a lot of it didn‘t work. The first half was pretty exciting then it started to lose me. The main character was not engaging enough and his relationship with the girl felt rushed. The story lacked depth and interesting themes. I was constantly waiting for more levels of a story, some reveal or twist. But in the end everything was very straight forward and easy without any surprises or real emotional stakes.

Pacing was weird too, with characters jumping around in places and skipping moments to suddenly appear at a new location. New characters are introduced at random only to die shortly after. The flashbacks were also pretty messy… 
Maybe an extended cut could help?

Between many great visual ideas there were too many scenes or moments that you have seen before in other films.

Ultimately I was left disappointed in the story and characters but was in awe of the visual achievements.

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