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  • Dagon



    Douche, I am your father

  • Primate



    Wiseman's 1974 survey of the Yerkes Primate Research Center in Atlanta is less about the center itself -- this isnt National Gallery or Ex Libris: The New York Public, just Primate -- and, as the chronicler of institutions that he is, is more about scientific research on animals and the license we've given ourselves to operate at will in the name of furthering knowledge and science.

    this is interesting to juxtapose with the primate work we can see Penny Patterson…

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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    just the fuckin most dogshit thing ever. congrats mr waititi on making a worse imaginary friend than Bing Bong

  • City Hall

    City Hall


    not as cloistered a film as I expected, rather a wide-sweeping look at Boston's various communities, much like Monrovia, IN or Belfast, Maine, but surveying them through the tendrils of city government infrastructure.

    what emerges is a struggle for non-white citizens to grasp a foothold in the face of rapid development and private partnerships/ownerships. perhaps closer in DNA to The Garden, but instead of leisure during late capitalism, it's residency.

    the way Wiseman juxtaposes the voices of displaced citizens with…