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  • So This Is Paris

    So This Is Paris


    While there are plenty of Lubitsch touches, from the characters' quick quips and a beautiful dance montage, the thin story doesn't ever get far beyond a run-of-the-mill story of marital infidelity.

  • The Méliès Mystery

    The Méliès Mystery


    The last half of the film's focus on how Melies' films were found and preserved over the decades was just as magical as watching the many beautiful clips from various Melies films.

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  • The Sound of Fury

    The Sound of Fury


    An entertaining film noir with an energetic supporting role for Lloyd Bridges and an intense and satisfying third act.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Forbidden Fruit


    Don't know why I enjoyed Forbidden Fruit so much. Maybe it was the early use of two-strip technicolor. Maybe it was the fact that it gave a sympathetic look at a woman stuck on the bad side of traditional gender roles. Maybe it was that the bad husband looked like a villianious Douglas Fairbanks rip-off. DeMille's tight direction turns what should be on paper a formulaic picture into an enjoyable film.