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  • Children of Divorce

    Children of Divorce


    A rather straight forward, and a bit too predictable, melodrama. The real treat of the film is a Clara Bow in her prime and a baby Gary Cooper.

  • Design for Scandal

    Design for Scandal


    It is cool to see a female judge in classic Hollywood even if the film seems to suggest Russell's character has lost some of her femininity because of her career choice and must enter into a relationship to regain it. Pidgeon and Russell have great chemistry and Edward Arnold brings his usual playful, antagonist energy.

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  • The Help

    The Help

    An interesting film to revisit. I think the worst thing about the film is not so much that it was catered to white people but that white people in the film are supposed to be seen as heroes for doing so little. A white American can walk away and feel pretty good about themselves. The system of maids and domestic servants is never deconstructed or challenged throughout the film. The system is still in place at the end of the…

  • The Sound of Fury

    The Sound of Fury


    An entertaining film noir with an energetic supporting role for Lloyd Bridges and an intense and satisfying third act.